Maumee Ohio Senior Photographer

Sydney is a graduate of Bedford High School in Temperance, Michigan, just over the OH/MI border in Toledo.  I was especially excited to work with this family because Sydney’s dad, Greg, is also a photographer and I love interacting with fellow creatives. While I am based a little further south, I do serve the entire NW Ohio area, and welcome such opportunities as a Maumee Ohio senior photographer.

At her consultation, we decided to split Sydney’s session to accommodate her desire to capture a series of studio portraits in addition to outdoor images.

Classic Imagery with Studio Senior Pictures

There are multiple reasons studio portraiture is appealing.  The first is having control of the lighting scenarios. These particular images were shot in natural light, as my studio has big beautiful windows with Southern exposure. However, if the lighting had been too dim, my studio strobes are a wonderful alternative. Second, we can pair clothing choices with simple backdrops for best effect. I have a nice selection of clean, classic backdrops that work well with a wide array of styles and colors.  Last, and most importantly, studio sessions don’t get rained out!

Studio senior portraits in NW Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography Studio senior portraits in NW Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

Downtown Senior Pictures in Maumee Ohio

For our outdoor session, we began in downtown Maumee. Sydney’s outfit just screamed urban sophistication, so this was the perfect setting. The black hat was a stunning addition.

Downtown Senior Pictures in Maumee Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

After a quick clothing change, we took advantage of the colorful leaves and plentiful blooms along the street.

Downtown Maumee Senior Pictures by NW Ohio's Britt Lanicek Photography

A second hat, this time a rich wine color, changed up the look in this courtyard series.

Downtown Maumee Senior Pictures by NW Ohio's Britt Lanicek Photography

Autumn Senior Portraits at Sidecut Metropark

Shifting gears a little, we took a short drive to Sidecut Metropark for a more rustic set of images. Before we even left the parking lot, we had to take advantage of some incredible foliage that made the perfect frame for this autumnal set.

Bedford High School senior pictures in Maumee Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

Honoring Your Friendship with BFF Senior Pictures

The friends we have in high school are unlike any other. These are the friends that have seen us through some of the most difficult and monumental changes in life. Including your best friend / friends in your senior portraits is an amazing way of capturing your unique bond. I love that Sydney chose to include her BFF in a few of her images.

BFF Senior Pictures by Maumee Ohio Senior Photographer Britt Lanicek

I especially like the interesting color and texture found at this location. The backdrop is one of the historic Erie Canal locks, and is one of the really cool glimpses of local history that can be found here in Ohio if you take the time to look for them.

Maumee Ohio senior pictures by Britt Lanicek Photography

A short hop down River Road is another, smaller park area with these gorgeous tall grasses. Sydney’s deep magenta jacket and autumn bouquet were a beautiful pop of color amidst the warm neutrals of the field.

Autumn senior portraits at Sidecut Metropark in Maumee Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

Sunset Senior Pictures on the Maumee River

As the sun began to slip over the horizon, were were perfectly positioned in one of my favorite spots in the shallows of the Maumee River. The backlight here, in the right conditions, is incredible.

Golden senior portraits on the Maumee River in Maumee Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

Direct sun can be harsh, but this late in the day, the golden glow of sunset is especially flattering. After capturing the backlit shots, I turned Sydney around to amazing effect. This series makes my heart flutter even now!

Sunset senior pictures on the Maumee River in Maumee Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Portrait Collages

After Sydney’s reveal, we got down to the task of deciding how best to showcase them. In addition to a gorgeous album, Sydney’s parents chose a 16×20 collage to feature an array of images. Below is a wonderful example of bringing multiple sets of images together in a show-stopping arrangement.

Senior portrait collage in NW Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

Sydney, Brenda and Greg, I am so glad to have had the chance to work with your family! This was one of my absolute favorite sessions of the season!

Am I Your Maumee Ohio Senior Photographer?

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