Meet Joan. Mother of 5, grandmother of 6, great-grandmother to 7 glorious children. Believe it or not, this beautiful lady (who happens to be MY grandmother) is almost 86. I have been threatening to photograph her for some time, and when I finally cornered her yesterday, I was surprised to learn the last time she had portraits made was before she was married about 65 years ago.

Oh my gosh! There are, of course, the standard snapshots accumulated over the years, but no formal portraits. For that matter, and even more surprisingly, she and my grandfather never had family portraits taken – EVER! Raising 5 kids, it seemed like an extravagance. But the result is that today, aside from the aforementioned snapshots, there are no official family portraits to capture that period of their life together.

This little session, she says, will be her last, but I am hoping to convince her to do it again, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. These images will mean so much to the generations that follow, to better remember this great lady and who she was.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now seems like a good time to think about the last time you had personal and/or family portraits made.  Has it been too long? It probably has. I am ashamed to admit that there has been only one decent family portrait taken since my daughter was born; a fact I intend to remedy this summer.

I challenge you to do the same. Don’t wait until you are thinner, tanner, or whatever else you think you need to do before being photographed. Kudos if you accomplish these things, but make a point of capturing your NOW. While the kids are small, while your family is still living at home, while your loved ones are still with you. Mark these moments along the way, because we’ll blink and they’ll be gone. Leave a legacy for your kids, grandkids and all else who follow to better remember your life together.  It will mean so much.

And now, here is Joan – a Mother’s Day portrait set, honoring and capturing her spirit for OUR family to treasure in years to come.


Family Portraits from Britt Lanicek Photography