Every summer we look forward to spending time at my parents’ house up at the lake. On Saturday, I received a call telling me to haul my cookies up there if I wanted any cherries this year, as they were fully ripe and ready to go. Making homemade cherry pie is one of our traditions, so Caro and I happily made the trip. And, of course, I had to bring my gear along to test out my lovely new 85mm lens! Too bad it didn’t occur to me to ALSO bring along swim suits and a change of clothes, because the day was BEAUTIFUL!

Caroline and I borrowed tshirts to protect our clothes and got to work. Marley, our 9+ year old lab mix, rolled in the grass (and the mulberries) and lounged in the shade while we picked. I could tell she was having fun sniffing and resting her old bones in the heat of the sun. It was bittersweet watching her, as she’s an old lady now and is going blind. Dogs don’t care about these things though. She was loving every minute of it.

About two hours and two gallons of cherries later, we were thoroughly sticky, hot and ready to head down to Gem Beach. Caro – still in her tshirt – jumped right in. I opted to hang on the beach and play with the new lens to see what it can do. LOVE IT!

One of the things I love about the lake is the diversity of landscape; the lushness of the greenery, the bright light of the beach and water, orchards, lighthouse, stoneworks, marshes, and so much more. Everywhere I look, I see a photo opp. For those considering having family photos or senior portraits made this summer and fall, consider a short drive to Port Clinton and surrounding areas for an amazing backdrop. I’m more than willing to make the drive! 🙂 For now, check out some of OUR family memories in the making…