When Lucy, a student at Calvert High School in Tiffin OH, called and asked me to take some pre-Homecoming pictures for her I told her I was happy to do it. When she sent me an image of what she was WEARING to Homecoming, I swooned! Can you say mega-glam? Lucy shares my affinity for vintage glam and found this awesome dress – the perfect combination of Gatsby-styled glamour with a modern punch of color. Love, love, love this girl’s look! Pin curls in her gorgeous curly dark hair, and splashes of diamond accessories everywhere. I was in HEAVEN! I could shoot these vintage style portraits every day and not get tired of it, and does Lucy ever deliver!

Aside from the killer wardrobe and styling, the dramatic lighting and contrast were essential to this set. Once I knew what Lucy’s dress looked like, I chose a starkly contrasting backdrop and set it up in the room in my studio that has blackout curtains.

To control the light and provide some deep shadowing with which to enhance the heavy feel of these images, I drew the blackout curtains almost closed, and positioned Lucy at the edge of the light stream.

I did not employ supplemental lighting here, as I wanted to use the dim lighting and slight grain produced by my chosen settings to enhance the vintage vibe. By using a shallow depth of field, I was able to create a sense of soft dreaminess that played well with the subdued lighting. I love how these elements combine and contrast with the vibrant, sunny color of her dress.

Lucy herself was positioned in a manner that put her lovely figure at its best advantage. We played up her shapely legs in the pull back shot by letting them drape over the side of the chair, and shot from above in other images to both elongate her neck and reveal her attractive decolletage. By stretching her out across her chair, we were able give an air of poise and delicacy.

I simply adore this set; hope you like the outcome as much as I do…

Senior Picture Photographer Britt Lanicek
Senior Portrait Photographer Britt Lanicek
Vintage Glamour Photographer Britt Lanicek

Lucy, you are insanely beautiful!

Is Gatsby-Styled Glamour Your Thing?

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