Once in a while, an opportunity to do something truly unique and inspiring comes along, and this was just such an occasion. Earlier this summer I received a call from one Morgen Stiegler about a last minute portrait session, as her regular photographer wasn’t available. The more we talked, the more excited I got, as the session she had in mind is the kind of thing that most of us photographers have to orchestrate with models and props. Morgen, a local (and very talented!) jazz singer, wanted to do a styled shoot with the vintage wheels of a family friend. The intent was to use the images in marketing efforts for a new rock-sound project. When I arrived on the scene, I was blown away not only by the amazing ’62 Chevy (complete with custom paint/pinstriping and pristine interior), but this girl was an absolute knockout with crazy-cool style!  OMG!!!  We had a little less than an hour to blast through the session before I had to scoot to my next appointment, so I didn’t get to take a good look at the images in camera until later that night. When I finally got home and began uploading the files from my memory card, I was in pure ecstasy to see the outcome of this vintage glam portraits shoot. This has to be one of my favorite portrait sessions to date!  Morgen, you rocked it!!

Interested in learning more about Morgen and her music? Check out her website at http://morgenstiegler.com/home.html where you can hear song samples and view a calendar of appearances, among other things.  She can also be found on Facebook!

Vintage Glam Portraits by Britt Lanicek Photography


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