As I begin preparations for another fabulous senior portrait season, I find myself itching to try a few new concepts, styles and methods before I’m buried in client work.  To help facilitate this type of project session, I keep a running list of potential models who have a certain look or personality that fits with my ideas. When I worked with Alisa last fall, I knew right away that I wanted to find just such an opportunity to work with her again. Fortunately for me, she was most willing, and was fully on board with what I had in mind.

While shooting an outdoor portrait session in deep winter (especially THIS winter!) is always a dicey prospect, I really wanted to incorporate the stark landscape into a set while using snow as both a softening element and as a natural source of reflective light.  There have been a number of days in the past few months that may have served well, were it not for the extreme cold. At long last, the temperatures rose sufficiently last weekend, allowing a brief window in which we were able to capture the images you see here.

While prepping at the studio, we decided to get a few indoor shots to make sure we captured Alisa’s 60’s mod hair style before the wind took it outdoors. This set was a little more serious in expression than Alisa’s senior portrait set last fall, but her dazzling smile can be seen yet again in our brief studio foray. From there, we made a short stop at an industrial location here in Fostoria and then moved on to Van Buren State Park, where we shot the bulk of this boho / glam senior portraits set.

Featured in the glam look is an amazing 60’s era blue silk coat that I scored at an upscale vintage clothing store in Dallas years ago. I wore it once, but it was so beautiful, I couldn’t part with it – thank goodness! The second look is a bit more bohemian. After scouring Etsy and Ebay looking for just the right look, I finally found something that I felt both fit Alisa’s vibe and lent to the aesthetic I wanted to achieve. Ultimately, I really wanted something incorporating pink to hint at the impending arrival of spring.  The buff colored coat was a last minute addition from my own closet that both kept this poor girl from freezing and added to the layered look we wanted.  The jewelry is also mine, part of a wonderful collection inherited over the years.  The last bit – pulling it all together – are the head pieces, designed by me with odds and ends found at Hobby Lobby.

I love every senior portrait session I shoot, but this one makes me especially warm and fuzzy. Many, many thanks to Alisa for braving the weather with me to make it happen!

Custom Senior Portraits in NW Ohio by Britt Lanicek PhotographyWinter Senior Portraits in NW Ohio by Britt Lanicek PhotographyNatural Light Senior Portraits by Britt Lanicek PhotographyVan Buren High School Senior Portraits by Britt Lanicek PhotographyBohemian Senior Pictures by Britt Lanicek PhotographyBoho Senior Portraits in Snow by Britt Lanicek PhotographyBoho Glam Senior Portraits by Britt Lanicek PhotographyVintage Glam Senior Portraits at Van Buren State ParkGlam Senior Portraits in Snow by Britt Lanicek PhotographyRetro Glam Senior Portraits by Britt Lanicek PhotographyVintage Glam Senior Portraits in NW Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography


I hope you like this set of glam senior portraits as much as I do! I’d love to hear your thoughts; please comment below to let me know what you think.

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UPDATE: 3/17/14

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