Happy New Year to all of my wonderful BLP friends, fans and followers!  Thanks to you, 2014 was an amazing year for my little business; I have loved every minute of working with each of my fabulous clients.

WIN a Gallery Wrap Canvas!!

To celebrate – and in thanks – I have put together a little contest in which one of my lucky 2014 clients will win an heirloom quality gallery wrap canvas.

How it Works

I have selected my favorite image from each of my 2014 sessions, featured below.  Share, like and comment to cast your “vote”; the image with the most votes will win the featured client an heirloom quality 16×20 gallery wrap canvas from my pro lab featuring the image of their choice (from their 2014 session).

How to Vote

Please read carefully to make sure your vote counts!

Each person can cast one vote by leaving a comment below referencing the image number / name of the person(s) in the image and telling me what you love about the photo you are voting for. Comments without BOTH of these elements included will not be counted.

You may cast an EXTRA vote by “liking” my Facebook page in addition to posting your blog comment. Simply “like” my page (if you haven’t already) and then leave a comment on my FB page saying which photo you’re voting for AND WHY so I can count your vote toward the correct photo.

Voting ends at midnight EDT on January 10, 2015. Winner will be announced as soon as votes can be validated and counted, sometime the week of January 11, 2015.

The Fine Print

By commenting, you allow me to use your comments as testimonials on my website, print or social media marketing. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook.

Winner must complete initial portrait order before receiving prize.  Prize not redeemed within 90 days of notification of winning is forfeit. Prize has no cash value.

Thank You!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your ongoing support! I can’t wait to see what wonders are in store for each of us in this brand new year. BRING IT ON, 2015!!!

#1  Ariana Leal


#2  Maddi Pape



#3  Lucy Gehring


#4  Braelyn Moes


#5  Lindsey Beauch


#6  Hannah Girlie



#7  Chloe Szakovits


#8 Jess Luna



#9  Robby Crotty


#10  Sydney Powhida


#11   Brenda Gillig


#12  Sara Goddard


#13  Alyssa Miller


#14  Abbey Phillips


#15  Brianna Miller


#16  Allie Hummel


#17  Simone Santa Cruz


#18  Desirae Cooper


#19  The Hoover Family


#20 Sophia Huffman


#21 The Moes Family


#22  Jonas Copeland


#23  Meghan Reiter


#24  Callan Walters


#25 Hayden Ramsey

140612-2 - Copy

#26  Bre Kidd


#27  Chloe Reiter


#28  Brianna Espino


#29  Alisa Warren


#30  Nash Baker


#31  Brenda and Marissa


#32  Dr. & Mrs. Weingates


#33  Anne Crotty


Thanks for casting your vote for the BLP Best of 2014! Good luck to everyone!  I will announce the winner via Facebook the week of January 11 AND via my email newsletter.  Please remember that Facebook doesn’t allow all of my fans to see everything I post, so be sure to check back on my page for updates.

Alternately, if you would like to receive periodic updates from BLP (and get the winner’s announcement!), go ahead and sign up for my email newsletter via the white Newsletter tab on the left side of this page.

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Desirae Cooper
January 4, 2015
I'm voting for picture number 18. (Because it's my picture) I love this because it's simply me. This is my personality and this picture shoes that so well, me just always wanting to have fun and enjoy life. Thank you for capturing not only myself but my personality!
Kristen Krueckeberg
January 4, 2015
I'm voting for #10 Sydney Powhida because she looks like a Greek goddess in this photo and because I love the family!
Kaveena McFlores
January 4, 2015
#29 very nice
Jim Reiter
January 4, 2015
I vote for #27! The model is beautiful is beautiful! The photographer did a wonderful job matching Chloe with the perfect background!
Simone PilarMichaela Santa Cruz
January 4, 2015
I am voting for for image #17(my picture) Simone Santa Cruz. I love this image because all of the colors pop and I love the way my eyes look in this!! I feel beautiful in it and I feel my eyes capture people's attenti
Jacquie Flipse Ramsey
January 4, 2015
#25 Hayden Ramsey -he is just so handsome! I love his eyes, the lighting, and the natural feel of the picture. You captured his personality.
Greg Cooper
January 4, 2015
I am voting for #18 Desirae Cooper cause I love her jump in those heels.
Auntie M. Metzger
January 4, 2015
I vote for #18 - Desirae Cooper- love that smile
Lynn Eckhoff Head
January 4, 2015
I vote for #27 She is beautiful inside and out!
Baley Reiter
January 4, 2015
I vote for #27! Beautiful picture!
Devin Cooper
January 4, 2015
I'm voting for picture# 18 because Desirae Cooper is the best sister ever and because she looks so awesome jumping in that photo, because she looks so happy/joyful and full of life!
Claire Huffman
January 4, 2015
#20 because those pictures left me speechless!
Claire Huffman
January 4, 2015
#20 Sophia Huffman... Because those pictures left me speechless!
Paige Pierce
January 4, 2015
I'm voting for number 25 because it's my boyfriend's cousin.
Bobbie Ramsey
January 4, 2015
Voting for #25 Hayden Ramsey....love the entire photo and love that he is my nephew !!
Susannah Flipse Myers
January 4, 2015
#25 love serious photos
Angie Frankart Meyers
January 4, 2015
13 Alyssa Miller
Megan Solether
January 4, 2015
#25 Hayden Ramsey!
Patrick Thomas Ramsey
January 4, 2015
25 Hayden Ramsey love everything about it
Shelley Vogel Flipse
January 4, 2015
#25 Hayden Ramsey.......perfect picture of him!!
Alyssa Schaible
January 4, 2015
#25 Hayden Ramsey best picture ever!
Tony Myers
January 4, 2015
#25 Hayden Ramsey-he'a stud!
Rita Padgett Feasel
January 4, 2015
I'm voting for #25 Hayden Ramsey. This is my favorite picture from his session with you. You have captured Hayden's personality in this pic! His eyes draw you in. You have a great talent for finding who the person is you are photographing...and showing it to the rest of us.
Jenny Pelton Gillig
January 4, 2015
$11 because it captures Brenda's wonderful personality and inner beauty as well as her outward gorgeous self!!
Leslie Ann Halbisen
January 4, 2015
#29 Alisa Warren. beatiful
Spencer Osborne
January 4, 2015
I am voting for picture 18 because there is simply joy in the picture. It shows that there is happiness in life and you can always see it. It also helps that she is truly beauitful.
Dawn Frisch
January 4, 2015
I am voting for #18 Desirae Cooper because that is an awesome picture of my beautiful niece! I love that it is unique just like her!!!
Kila Fultz
January 4, 2015
I vote for Desirae Cooper, #18, because she is so beautiful and this picture captures every bit of her fun personality.
Andy Howard
January 4, 2015
I'm voting for picture #18 desirae cooper. The trees really make for a great background with the jump.
Carrigan Stacy
January 4, 2015
I am voting for number 18 because she is a beautiful young woman and one of my great friends!
Morgan Winans
January 4, 2015
#18! The picture is fantastic and the model is beautiful! The jumping is cute and is so spunky! Love her outfit as well! I also love the fact that the picture doesn't look fake. It's not your average senior picture. It's unique
Rachel Wymer
January 4, 2015
I'm voting for #18 because Desirae is a beautiful girl and this picture really captures her personality.
Tracy Coldren
January 4, 2015
I am voting for #18 Desirae Cooper. That picture truly captured her easy going, loving life personality. The quality of the picture is amazing.
Emma Marie Strong
January 4, 2015
I am voting for Desirae Cooper, image 18 because she is beautiful and this picture describes her personality perfectly.
Piper Manley
January 5, 2015
I am voting for #18 because not only does this picture describe her fun amazing personality it also shows how beautiful she is!
Denise Clark Hoover
January 5, 2015
I vote for #19, the Hoover kids! This is such a sweet picture and I am absolutely amazed that all three of them cooperated at the same time!
Rachael Potter
January 5, 2015
I vote for #19! The hoover kids are adorable. Captures their personality perfectly!
Kyle Young
January 5, 2015
Voting for #4 Braelyn Moes. Love the background perfect setting for her picture and beautiful smile!
Brett Moes
January 5, 2015
#4 Braelyn Moes. She has a beautiful smile and an amazing personality!!! Love you pumpkin!!
Marci Thompson
January 5, 2015
So many beautiful pictures. It was so hard to choose. #32 made my day though. It elicited a honest grin.
Lauren Wise
January 5, 2015
I am voting for #18. Desirae Cooper She's so pretty in this pictures.
Jerry Hoover
January 5, 2015
#19, The Hoover Family. The photograph is timeless. The photographer caught these children with such character and exactly as they are.
Lisa Barlekamp
January 5, 2015
I am voting for # 18/ Desirae Cooper, Just a great picture capturing her energy and lovely personality!
Sandy Gonzales
January 5, 2015
#18 Desirae Cooper - love how spontaneous this one is of her! and that she can jump in hells! haha i would have broke an ankle!
Janelle Molineaux
January 6, 2015
I vote for #27, Chloe Reiter! She's so pretty, the background is perfect, and the lighting makes the whole thing glow.
Cami Wilson
January 6, 2015
#33 Anne Crotty because she is my cheer baby and I think she looks absolutely stunning in this photo. I absolutely love the sun coming through the bleachers highlighter her! Great photo Britt!
Jeanne Kekes Chovan
January 8, 2015
I am voting for photo #18 which is Desirae Cooper. I love the feeling of happiness the photo conveys. I also love the jumping action caught in the air. Desirae's face and postion are perfect for the photo. It says life is happy and fun.
Jacob William Chovan
January 8, 2015
I am voting for photo #18 which is Desirae Cooper. I like the joy and happiness in the picture. I also like the idea of her jumping into the air. Plus the Coopers are awesome!!(:
Barb Quinlan Phillips
January 11, 2015
Instead of voting for my own daughter, (#14) & asking others to vote for her, I am instead voting for #32, Dr. & Mrs. Weingates. All of these pictures are awesome, but I feel they show so much love & happiness in this picture. Thank you Dr. Weingates for delivering both my children!
Jim Hoover
January 11, 2015
I vote for #19, the Hoover Family. The photo is fabulous! Getting all 3 kids in a similar pose and looking at the camera at the same time was very creative! Adorable!
Patty Woodard
January 11, 2015
Weingates. .for me

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