BLP Seniors Team EIGHTEEN - Britt Lanicek Photography

When I decided to start the BLP Seniors Team, I knew I was going to have to find a succinct way of explaining what I was hoping to achieve. Dreaming this project up was one part soul-searching, one part observation, and one part diligent research and education.  I mean, would it even work? A senior portrait photographer telling girls that how they look isn’t what’s most important?? That their true beauty lies within??? But every fiber of my being tells me that THIS is the message I need to try to put out there. For YOU. For your daughters. For MY daughter. YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR WORTH!!!

Life is way too short to to waste time worrying that you aren’t enough. That you aren’t perfect just the way your are. I created this team because I see a need for validation beyond the physical. Looking and feeling beautiful in your senior portraits is important. But that all starts with BELIEVING that you are a perfect creation, unique and wonderful in your own way.  Your TRUE beauty radiates from within.


The BLP Seniors Team is geared toward promoting all of these ideals, building some amazing friendships, and making senior year an unforgettable experience. Let’s show the world what YOUR kind of beautiful looks like.

Check out the winning design of the BLP Seniors Team EIGHTEEN t-shirt! I can’t wait to get this party started!! Applications for Team EIGHTEEN close this Friday, April 7. If you haven’t applied yet, click here to learn more and submit your application.

BLP Seniors Team EIGHTEEN - Britt Lanicek Photography