No makeup. No retouching. Only natural, raw beauty.

Project Beauty is a national movement created by fellow senior photographer Thomas Nguyen to help shine a light on a rising epidemic amongst our youth.  Many senior portrait photographers – myself included – have noticed a crisis of confidence in our teens as they struggle with self-acceptance, self-worth, and have unrealistic ideas of what it means to be truly beautiful. 

At the root of this, I believe, is the 24/7 barrage of filtered, altered imagery that they see in their social media feeds, on reality television, movies, commercials and magazines. People now have the ability to present curated content that depicts their lives in an unrealistic light.  Our youth are bombarded with content from friends and strangers alike that screams “my life is better than yours,” though the reality is often far different.  

Young people today feel more pressure than ever to measure up to impossible standards. As a result, issues like anxiety, lack of confidence, body shaming, depression, suicide, eating disorders, bullying and many other social issues are running rampant.

Enter Project Beauty.

Project Beauty embraces the notion of empowering young women to see and celebrate the beauty that lies within each of us. It’s about freeing ourselves from the filters, the makeup, and the expectations of society. This is a chance to embrace the flaws that make you uniquely wonderful, to share your story, and to give a voice to those who have none.

We believe that acceptance of your own flaws is the first step toward acceptance toward others, and it is our hope that all of our Project Beauty participants come away from this experience with a new dedication toward loving themselves and others in their beautiful imperfection.

Be a part of the movement! 

BLP and Team Nineteen invite you to join us in unique opportunity to show the world that REAL beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and shines from within.

All girls and young women ages 13-28 are encouraged to apply to participate in BLP’s 2019 Project Beauty Session, to take place on Sunday, April 7.

All participants are asked to make a $50 donation with proceeds going to Mercy Multiplied, a Christian-based organization that helps young women break free from life controlling issues and situations, including anxiety, depression, abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, unplanned pregnancy, and sex trafficking.

Together we CAN make a difference! 

Click the button below to sign up now. Applications must be received by end of day on Friday, March 29.