Finding the NW Ohio senior portrait photographer who will capture the REAL YOU at your finest can be a daunting task – there are so many photographers out there! How on earth do you choose?  There are a number of factors to consider before hiring your photographer.  With this in mind, I’ve put together the following short list of selection criteria to help you determine if I am a good fit as your senior portrait photographer.

1. Professionalism

Your senior year is such a pivotal time in your life; you want your senior portraits to reflect the importance of this transitional year. Don’t cut corners by having a friend or relative take some shots in the park. Professional senior portrait photographers not only understand all of the technical settings on their equipment, but also the importance of light, composition, posing, and post processing. The difference in the end result really is astounding.

A professional photographer will also have sound, tried and true business practices in place. Remember, portrait contracts and releases protect both the client AND the photographer.

2. Syncing Styles

Browse samples of the prospective photographer’s work. Not just on their website, but check their Facebook and Instagram pages for their most recent work. Do you like the images you see? Do you think they reflect the personalities of the portrait subjects? Is your own personal style a good fit for the style of the photographer? Will the photographer be able / willing to showcase the unique aspects of YOU?  Choose a photographer whose style syncs with your own, and will help you shine your brightest.

3. Accommodating Your Needs

Whomever you choose as your senior portrait photographer should be flexible enough to meet your needs. For instance, many seniors want portraits at meaningful locations, with their favorite things, with pets, or even with their best friends. Make sure your photographer understands what you want and is willing to accommodate what is important to you.

Part of my consultation process includes selection of location(s), props and pets that are meaningful to YOU and that fit your personal style. An add-on option is also available should you wish to break up your session over two separate days so we can accommodate several looks, personal items that reflect your personality, and widespread locations.

4. Do You Click?

As a PARENT, I know how important the relationship between the client and photographer is. I’ve watched my daughter shut down and refuse to shine in front of the camera because she wasn’t comfortable.  As a PHOTOGRAPHER, I find it imperative that my clients and I connect throughout the photographic process. It’s so important that we not only share a vision, but agree on how best to get there. Your senior portrait session should be FUN!  I’ve had so many kids tell me how nervous they were before their session, or that they weren’t really excited about the process, but in the end had a really good time. AND loved how their senior pictures turned out!

The absolute truth is that if you are uncomfortable with your photographer, it will show in the final images. To get the best quality photos, make sure you and your photographer click. (No pun intended!)

Am I Your Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer?

So how are we doing so far? Do you think we’re a good match? To help you decide, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite sessions to give you a sampling of my work and show you some of the great locations available in the NW Ohio area.

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