Wardrobe & Styling


  • Try everything on before your session to make sure outfits work together & fit well.
  • Check all clothing for stains, pilling and signs of disrepair. These are not items you will to include in your session.
  • If your session includes multiple outfits, bring clean, pressed outfits on hangers; Photoshop doesn’t fix wrinkled clothing. 
  • Bright, solid colors, large patterns, layers. Black/navy solids for B&W images. Fellas, rich, saturated colors are great.
  • Variety is key - include at least one CLASSIC and one FUN option if you are shooting in multiple outfits.
  • Coordinate oversized tops with tailored bottoms & vice versa for balance. Men, think tailored fit.
  • Plan outfits down to socks / shoes because they WILL show in your photos. Bring a belt - just in case! Guys, bring a clean, plain white t-shirt.
  • Choose clothes that tastefully accentuate your favorite features.
  • Don’t forget accessories: hats, shoes, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc. Save hats for the end of your session to avoid hat head.
  • Be sure to wear nude/neutral undergarments that fit properly.
  • Manicure nails, groom/tweeze brows, clean hair & moisturize skin. Gentlemen, you too!
  • Trim hair & touch up color as needed a week before your session. 
  • Protect your skin from sun before your session! I can retouch blemishes, but peeling, burned skin & odd tan lines, not so much. Be sure to shave what needs to be shaved.
  • FAMILIES: coordinate within a style, level of dress and complementary colors, but avoid being matchy-matchy.


  • Clothing with signs of wear, loose threads, snags or stains.
  • Small, busy patterns and fluorescent colors.
  • Clothing should fit properly; steer clear of too-tight or overly baggy items .
  • Oversized tops paired with oversized bottoms or tight tops with tight bottoms.
  • Keep it classy; no sheer/revealing or overly tight clothing, too-short dresses/rompers.
  • Clothing with prominent logos / words distract from your face.
  • Colored / patterned undergarments can show through in-camera.
  • PLEASE, no self tanner (it always looks uneven and orange in-camera).
  • Chipped nail polish, split ends or sloppy makeup.
  • Men, I can't edit scruff; unless you want the unshaven look, shave before your session.


  • Props that are meaningful to you.
  • Seniors: sports equipment, jerseys/uniforms, musical instruments, letter jackets or club attire, dance gear, art and books, etc. Be creative! Your session should represent who you are right now. A car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc are also allowed.
  • Kids can include special toys, blankets, etc.
  • Your family pet (or pets!) can also be included in your session. Just be sure a handler is on site to attend to your pet and/or run him home when we are through.